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Anzaldua, Gloria, Cherrie Moraga.
A Black Feminist Statement.
Bagguley, Paul, Sylvia Walby.
Sex Segregation in Local Labour Markets.
Carasco, Emily.
Case of Double Jeopardy: Race and Gender.
Cohen, Philip.
Laboring Under Whiteness.
Crain, Marion.
Strategies For Union Relevance in a Post-Industrial World: Reconceiving Antidiscrimination Rights as Collective Rights.
Crompton, Rosemary, D. Gallie, Kate Purcell.
The Labour Market Outlook and the Outlook For Labour Market Analysis;.
Crompton, Rosemary, D. Gallie, Kate Purcell.
Work, Economic Restructuring and Social Regulation;.
Dickens, Linda.
Whose Flexibility?: Discrimination and Equality Issues in Atypical Work.
Gregory, Abigail, Jacqueline O'Reilly.
Checking Out Ans Cashing Out: The Paradoxes of Regulating Part-Time Work in Europe.
Grift, Yolanda K., Jacques J. Siegers.
Supply Determinants of Part-Time Work of Dutch Married Women: The Influence of Taxes and Social Premiums.
Julen, Jenny.
A Blessing or a Ban? About the Discrimination of Pregnant Job-Seekers.
MacDonald, Martha.
Feminist Economics: From Theory to Research.
Ng, Roxana.
Immigrant Women: The Construction of a Labour Market Category.
Phelan, Shane.
Review: Queer Liberalism?
Phillipps, Lisa.
Tax Law and Social Reproduction: The Gender of Fiscal Policy in an Age of Privatization.
Quadagno, Jill S.
The Color of Welfare: How Racism Undermined the War on Poverty.
Razack, Sherene.
When Place Becomes Race.
Razack, Sherene.
The Cold Game of Equality Staring.
Razack, Sherene.
Looking White People in the Eye: Gender, Race and Culture in Courtrooms and Classrooms.
Rich, Adrienne.
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence.

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