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Coyte, Peter C., Audrey Laporte, Meredith B. Lilly.
Do They Care Too Much to Work? The Influence of Caregiving Intensity on the Labour Force Participation of Unpaid Caregivers in Canada.
Craig, L., K. Mullan.
Parenthood, Gender and Work-Family Time in the United States, Australia, Italy, France, And Denmark.
Everingham, Christine.
Engendering Time: Gender Equity and Discourses of Workplace Flexibility.
Folbre, Nancy, Jayoung Yoon.
Economic Development and Time Devoted to Direct Unpaid Care Activities: An Analysis of the Harmonized European Time Use Survey (HETUS).
Nordenmark, Mikael, Charlott Nyman.
Fair or Unfair? Perceived Fairness of Household Division of Labour and Gender Equality Among Women and Men: The Swedish Case.
Sullivan, Oriel.
The Division of Domestic Labour: Twenty Years of Change?