director's introduction

Welcome to the gender and work database! In what follows, I provide a brief overview of the 'gwd' by describing its seven thematic modules along with the library, thesaurus, and statistical tables. At the same time, I point to the key theoretical approaches and conceptual issues underpinning its structure and design.

The gwd is suitable for researchers with varying levels of expertise and with different needs, ranging from primary analysis and testing of research questions to secondary analysis. In other words, the database can be used to obtain "basic" information on a topic or to examine a variety of complex social relations.

The gwd is designed for straight-forward navigation. Most core segments of the site are accessible from the toolbar at the top of every page. If this is your first time using the gwd, after reading this overview you may wish to proceed first by exploring direct links to the library, thesaurus and statistics sections and take the tutorials for each. Alternatively, to move quickly into the content of the site, the modules link on the toolbar provides access to each of the subject-specific modules. Each module contains a brief description, a link to its conceptual guide, and a list of its tables. The browser and other technical requirements page provides the information that you will need to make maximum use of the site. If you have any additional questions, or would like to offer feedback, the contact us button is always available.