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Akins, Lindsay, Christopher Armstrong-Esther, Brad Hagen, Barry Hall, Em Pijl-Zieber, Michael Stingl.
Moral Distress: An Emerging Problem For Nurses in Long-Term Care?
Arat-Koc, Sedef.
In the Privacy of Our Own Home: Foreign Domestic Workers as the Solution to the Crisis in the Domestic Sphere in Canada.
Aronson, Jane, Sheila M. Neysmith.
Home Care Workers Discuss Their Work: The Skills Required to Use Your Common Sense.
Balka, Ellen, Eileen Green, Flis Henwood.
Gender, Health and Information Technology in Context.
Bashevkin, Sylvia.
Women's Work is Never Done: Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment and Social Policy Reform.
Bose, Christine E., J. Litt, M. Zimmerman.
Global Dimensions of Gender and Carework.
Brown, Judith Belle, Ian Dashnay, Susan McNair, Anthony Vandervoort, Catherine Ward-Griffin.
Double-Duty Caregiving: Women in the Health Professions.
Carrillo, Helen, Charlene Harrington, Joseph T. Mullan.
State Nursing Home Enforcement Systems.
Chang, Grace.
Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy.
Clarke, Brenda, Norma Daykin.
They'll Still Get the Bodily Care: Discourses of Care and Relationships Between Nurses and Health Care Assistants in the NHS.
Coyte, Peter C., Audrey Laporte, Meredith B. Lilly.
Do They Care Too Much to Work? The Influence of Caregiving Intensity on the Labour Force Participation of Unpaid Caregivers in Canada.
Crooks, Valorie A., Allison Williams.
Introduction: Space, Place and the Geographies of Women's Caregiving Work.
Davies, Celia.
Competence Versus Care? Gender and Caring Work Revisited.
Davies, Sharon, Margaret Denton, Jennifer Millen Plenderleith, Isik U. Zeytinoglu.
Casualized Employment and Turnover Intention: Home Care Workers in Ontario, Canada.
Denton, Margaret, Isik Urla Zeytinoglu.
Satisfied Workers, Retained Workers Effects of Work and Work Environment on Homecare Workers' Job Satisfaction, Stress, Physical Health, And Retention.
Doucet, Andrea, Laura Merla.
Stay-At-Home Fathering: A Strategy For Balancing Work and Home in Canadian and Belgian Families.
Duxbury, Linda, Chris Higgins, Bonnie Shroeder.
Balancing Paid Work and Caregiving Responsibilities: A Closer Look at Family Caregivers in Canada.
Gallotti, Maria.
The Gender Dimension of Domestic Work in Western Europe.
Glucksmann, Miriam A., Dawn Lyon.
Comparative Configurations of Care Work Across Europe.
Goto, A., D. Hodgetts, D. Pullman.
Narrating the Negative Consequences of Elder Care and Familial Obligation in Atlantic Canada.

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