library tutorial



The library contains database records representing books, book chapters, journal articles, statistical tables, and other resources related to precarious employment. It can also be used as a tool to search the statistical tables.


There are two search options available. The first option is a basic search by keyword, subject, author, or title. The image below shows the basic search option.

example of basic search in the library using precarious employment as the subject

Users can specify the resource type, such as a book, book chapter, or an article by using the drop-down menu beneath the main search box, as shown in the image below:
example of drop down menu for searching by reference type

The second option is an advanced search. This search allows users to combine more than one type of search element. Users can search by keyword, author and title at the same time.  In the case of the example below, several search categories have been selected, including “edited books” as the resource type, along with “precarious employment” as the subject, “Vosko” as the author, and “Gender and the Contours” as the title.

example of detailed search in the library using subject, author, and title fields

As shown in the image below, the advanced search option allows users to narrow their search results by selecting a specific module

example of searching by module by selecting forms of precarious employment option


There are two types of search results. The first search result contains a list of basic bibliographic information for each source citation including the main author(s) and main resource title.

example of basic library search result showing author and title

By selecting [more] a second search result is provided.
This longer search result presents users with additional information on the source including editor(s), publication title, subject headings, and other associated information.

example of detailed search results showing more bibliographic information


Unsuccessful searches may be the result of using a search term that is different than the term in the CPD controlled vocabulary.  The thesaurus can guide users to find search terms within the database.  The CPD uses Canadian spelling and some subject headings are plural (i.e., immigrants not immigrant). See the thesaurus tutorial for more detail.