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Anxo, Dominique, Lennart Flood, Jill Rubery, Mark Smith.
The Future European Labor Supply: The Critical Role of the Family.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong.
Thinking it Through: Women, Work and Caring in the New Millennium.
Battle, Ken, Michael Mendelson.
Benefits For Children: A Four Country Study.
Bos, Wim.
More Women Economically Independent.
Cosgrove, James, Mark Montgomery.
Are Part-Time Women Paid Less?: A Model With Firm-Specific Effects.
Cosgrove, James, Mark Montgomery.
The Effect of Employee Benefits on the Demand For Part-Time Workers.
Duvander, Ann-Zofie E., Marianne Sundstrom.
Gender Division of Childcare and the Sharing of Parental Leave Among New Parents in Sweden.
Finch, Naomi, Christine Skinner.
Lone Parents and Informal Childcare: A Tax Credit Childcare Subsidy?
Folbre, Nancy.
The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values.
Folbre, Nancy, Jayoung Yoon.
Economic Development and Time Devoted to Direct Unpaid Care Activities: An Analysis of the Harmonized European Time Use Survey (HETUS).
Jenson, Jane.
Against the Tide. Childcare in Quebec.
Jenson, Jane, Mariette Sineau.
Who Cares?: Women's Work, Childcare, And Welfare State Redesign.
Knijn, Trudie, Frits van Wel.
The Labor Market Orientation of Single Mothers on Welfare in the Netherlands.
Parr, Joy.
Gender History and Historical Practice.
Pascall, Gillian, Sook-yeon Won.
A Confucian War Over Childcare?: Practice and Policy in Childcare and Their Implications For Understanding the Korean Gender Regime.
Rubery, Jill.
Women and Recession.
Visser, J.
The First Part-Time Economy in the World: A Model to be Followed?
White, Linda A.
The Right is Right For the Wrong Reasons: Understanding Family Policy in the United States.
Wincott, Daniel.
Paradoxes of New Labour Social Policy: Toward Universal Child Care in Europe's "Most Liberal" Welfare Regime?
van der Valk, Johan.
Few Mothers Work Full-Time.