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Boreham, Paul, Richard Hall, Bill Harley, Gillian Whitehouse.
Labour Flexibility and Gender in the Service Sector: A Study of Employment Practices in Law and Accounting Firms.
Cohen, Marcy.
The Feminization of the Labour Market: Prospects For the 1990s.
Cohen, Yinon, Yitchak Haberfeld.
Temporary Help Service Workers: Employment Characteristics and Wage Determination.
Curran, Margaret M.
Gender and Recruitment: People and Places in the Labour Market.
DuRivage, Virginia, David Jacobs.
Home-Based Work: Labor's Choices.
Gottfried, Heidi.
In the Margins: Flexibility as a Mode of Regulation in the Temporary Help Service Industry.
Gottfried, Heidi.
Mechanisms of Control in the Temporary Service Industry.
Henson, Kevin D., Jackie Krasas Rogers.
'Hey, Why Don't You Wear a Shorter Skirt?': Structural Vulnerability and the Organization of Sexual Harassment in Temporary Clerical Employment.
Oldfield, Margaret A.
The Electronic Cottage: Boon or Bane For Mothers.