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Atlin, Joan, Bob Jeffcott, Deena Ladd, Lynda Yanz.
Policy Options to Improve Standards For Women Garment Workers in Canada and Internationally.
Cohen, Marcy.
The Feminization of the Labour Market: Prospects For the 1990s.
Coy, Robert, Saul Rubinstein, Michael Shay.
Collaborative Restructuring Efforts: Textile and Apparel Labor-Management Innovation Network, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Fernandez Kelly, Patricia M.
International Development and Industrial Restructuring: The Case of Garment and Electronic Industries in Southern California.
Fernandez-Kelly, Maria Patricia, Saskia Sassen.
Recasting Women in the Global Economy: Internationalization and Changing Definitions of Gender.
Herman, Alexis.
Protecting America's Garment Workers: A Monitoring Guide.
Leach, Belinda.
Flexible Work, Precarious Future: Some Lessons From the Canadian Clothing Industry.
Marquez, Benjamin.
Organizing Mexican-American Women in the Garment Industry: La Mujer Obrera.
Mitter, Swasti.
Common Fate, Common Bond: Women in the Global Economy.
Taran, Patrick A.
Globalization, Migration and the Rule of Law: Roles and Challenges For International Organizations.
Taylor, Barbara.
'The Men Are as Bad as Their Masters...': Socialism, Feminism, And Sexual Antagonism in the London Tailoring Trade in the Early 1830s.
United States Employment Standards Administration.
No Sweat: Garment Enforcement Report October 1995 - March 1996.
author unknown
Apparel: 2002.