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Anderson, John, James Beaton, Kate Laxer.
The Union Dimension: Mitigating Precarious Employment?
Boheim, R., U. Muehlberger.
Dependent Forms of Self-Employment in the UK: Identifying Workers on the Border Between Employment and Self-Employment.
Boockmann, Bernhard, Tobias Hagen.
Die Bedeutung Befristeter Arbeitsverhaltnisse Fur Die Zugange Und Den Verbleib in Beschaftigung (The Relevance of Temporary Contracts For the Access and Staying in Employment).
Bosworth, D.
Employment Contracts, Job Tenure and Work Histories: Precarious Employment in the UK.
Brooks, Adrian.
Marginal Workers and the Law.
Burchell, Brendan, Jonathan Michie.
Systems of Production: Markets, Organization and Performance.
Burgess, John, Iain Campbell.
Casual Employment in Australia and Temporary Work in Europe: Developing a Cross-National Comparison.
More People Working on Permanent Contracts.
Collins, G., A. Vecci.
Proximity and Cooperation?
Collinson, J. A.
Working at a Marginal 'career': The Case of UK Social Science Contract Researchers.
Coyle-Shapiro, Jacqueline, Ian Kessler.
Contingent and Non-Contingent Working in Local Government: Contrasting Psychological Contracts.
De Silva, Lalith, Inc Planmatics.
Independent Contractors: Prevalence and Implications For Unemployment Insurance Programs.
Deakin, S.
Legal Origins of Wage Labour: The Evolution of the Contract of Employment From Industrialisation to the Welfare State.
Deakin, Simon.
The Many Futures of the Contract of Employment.
Dombois, Rainer, Martin Osterland.
New Forms of Flexible Utilization of Labour: Part-Time and Contract Work.
Erickcek, George A., Susan N. Houseman, Arne L. Kalleberg.
The Benefits Implications of Recent Trends in Flexible Staffing Arrangements.
Gash, V.
The Labour Market Outcomes of Atypical Employment in Ireland and Denmark.
Giesecke, Johannes, Martin GroB.
Flexibilisierung Durch Befristung. Empirische Analysen zu Den Folgen Befristeter Beschatigung (Flexibilization Through Temporary Contracts. Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Temporary Contracts).
Grapperhaus, F. B. J.
The End of the Affair. on the Menage A Trois of Employment, Contract and Termination.
Green, Francis.
Temporary Work and Insecurity in Britain: A Problem Solved?

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