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Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong, Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, Stirling Lafrance, Marta Szebehely.
"Out of Control": Violence Against Personal Support Workers in Long-Term Care.
Bronfenbrenner, Kate.
Global Unions: Challenging Transnational Capital Through Cross-Border Campaigns.
Craig, L., K. Mullan.
Parenthood, Gender and Work-Family Time in the United States, Australia, Italy, France, And Denmark.
Dribbusch, Heiner, Dave Lyddon, Sjaak van der Velden, Kurt Vandaele.
Strikes Around the World: Case-Studies of 15 Countries.
Gash, V.
The Labour Market Outcomes of Atypical Employment in Ireland and Denmark.
Gash, Victoria.
Preference or Constraint? Part-Time Workers' Transitions in Denmark, France and the United Kingdom.
Green-Pedersen, Christoffer.
New Public Management Reforms of the Danish and Swedish Welfare States: The Role of Different Social Democratic Responses.
Houseman, Susan N., Machiko Osawa.
Nonstandard Work in Developed Economies: Causes and Consequences.
Kaiser, Lutz C.
Female Labor Market Transitions in Europe.
Nielsen, Lise-Drewes.
Flexibility, Gender and Local Labour Markets: Some Examples From Denmark.
Stanford, Jim, Leah F. Vosko.
Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income.
Tros, Frank, Ton Wilthagen.
Dealing With the 'flexibility-Security-Nexus: Institutions, Strategies, Opportunities and Barriers.
Virjo, I.
Employment Rate Potential in the Nordic Countries. an Overview.