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Ackers, Peter, Linda Hantrais.
Women's Choices in Europe: Striking the Work-Life Balance.
Allen, Davina.
The Nursing-Medical Boundary: A Negotiated Order?
Angus, Jan, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault.
Pay and Human Resource Management in Nursing and Medicine: An Examination of Gendered Structural Relations Between the Professions and the State.
Anker, Richard, H. Melkas.
Women, Gender and Work.
Arat-Koc, Sedef, Meg Luxton, Harriet Gail Rosenberg.
Through the Kitchen Window: The Politics of Home and Family.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong.
The Double Ghetto: Canadian Women and Their Segregated Work.
Armstrong, Pat, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Doreen Demas, Sylvia Fuller, Lee Lakeman, Angela Miles, Willi Nolan, Karen Pedersen, Laurell Ritchie, Lorina Serafico, Leah F. Vosko.
Baines, Donna.
Women's Occupational Health in Social Services: Stress, Violence, And Workload.
Bakan, Abigail B., Daiva Stasiulis.
Not One of the Family: Foreign Domestic Workers in Canada.
Bakker, Isabella.
The Strategic Silence: Gender and Economic Policy.
Bashevkin, Sylvia.
Women's Work is Never Done: Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment and Social Policy Reform.
Bettio, Francesca, Annamaria Simonazzi, Paola Villa.
Change in Care Regimes and Female Migration: The 'Care Drain' in the Mediterranean.
Bezanson, Kate, Meg Luxton.
Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-Liberalism.
Birkelund, Gunn E., Rachel A. Rosenfeld.
Women's Part-Time Work: A Cross-National Comparison.
Bose, Christine E., J. Litt, M. Zimmerman.
Global Dimensions of Gender and Carework.
Boulin, Jean-Yves.
Local Time Policies in Europe.
Bracke, Piet, Wendy Christiaens, Naomi Wauterickx.
The Pivotal Role of Women in Informal Care.
Briar, Celia.
Hidden Hazards in Women's Work.
Brown, Judith Belle, Ian Dashnay, Susan McNair, Anthony Vandervoort, Catherine Ward-Griffin.
Double-Duty Caregiving: Women in the Health Professions.
Budig, Michelle, Joya Misra, Stephanie Moller.
Reconciliation Policies and the Effects of Motherhood on Employment, Earnings and Poverty.

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