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Armstrong, Hugh.
The Re-Organization of Work.
Armstrong, Pat.
The Feminization of the Labour Force: Harmonizing Down in a Global Economy.
Arrighi, Giovanni.
The Long Twentieth Century.
Atlin, Joan, Bob Jeffcott, Deena Ladd, Lynda Yanz.
Policy Options to Improve Standards For Women Garment Workers in Canada and Internationally.
Bakker, Isabella.
Deconstructing Macro-Economics Through a Feminist Lens.
Bakker, Isabella.
Introduction: The Gendered Foundations of Restructuring in Canada.
Bakker, Isabella.
The Strategic Silence: Gender and Economic Policy.
Bakker, Isabella.
Pay Equity and Economic Restructuring: The Polarization of Policy?
Bassi, L., P. Cappelli, H. C. Katz, D. Knoke, P. Osterman, M. Useem.
Change at Work.
Bluestone, Barry, Sarah Kuhn.
Economic Restructuring and the Female Labor Market: The Impact of Industrial Change on Women.
Bourdieu, P.
Contre-Feux: : Propos Pour Servir A la Resistance Contre L'Invasion Neo-Liberale.
Briskin, Linda, Patricia McDermott.
The Feminist Challenge to Unions.
Brodie, Janine.
Restructuring and the New Citizenship.
Cameron, Duncan.
Selling the House to Pay the Mortgage: What is Behind Privatization.
Cho, Kisuk, Kye Woo Lee.
Female Labour Force Participation During Economic Crisis in Argentina and the Republic of Korea.
Clement, Wallace, Sophie Mathieu, Steven Prus, Emre Uckardesler.
Precarious Lives in the New Economy: Comparative Intersectional Analysis.
Cohen, Marcy.
The Feminization of the Labour Market: Prospects For the 1990s.
Cohen, Marjorie Griffin.
The Implications of Economic Restructuring For Women: The Canadian Situation.
Cousins, C.
A Comparison of the Labor-Market Position of Women in Spain and the UK With Reference to the Flexible Labor Debate.
Cranford, C., D. Grant, A. James.
Moving up But How Far?: African American Women and Economic Restructuring in Los Angeles, 1970-1990.

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