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Burgess, John, Iain Campbell.
Casual Employment in Australia and Temporary Work in Europe: Developing a Cross-National Comparison.
Charles, N., E. James.
Gender and Work Orientations in Conditions of Job Insecurity.
Couch, K., R. Fairlie.
Last Hired, First Fired? Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle.
Davies, Paul.
Wage Employment and Self-Employment: A Common Law View.
Deakin, S.
Legal Origins of Wage Labour: The Evolution of the Contract of Employment From Industrialisation to the Welfare State.
Denton, Margaret, Isik Urla Zeytinoglu.
Satisfied Workers, Retained Workers Effects of Work and Work Environment on Homecare Workers' Job Satisfaction, Stress, Physical Health, And Retention.
Doogan, K.
Job Insecurity and Long-Term Employment in Europe.
Engblom, Samuel.
Equal Treatment of Employees and Self-Employed Workers.
Glucksmann, Miriam A.
Cottons and Casuals: The Gendered Organization of Labour in Time and Space.
Pfau-Effinger, Birgit.
Formal and Informal Work in Europe. State of the Art. Hamburg.
Robson, M.
The Relative Earnings From Self and Paid Employment: A Time Series Analysis For the UK.
Rogers, Jackie Krasas.
Deskilled and Devalued: Changes in the Labor Process in Temporary Clerical Work.
Stone, Katherine Van Wezel.
Mandatory Arbitration of Individual Employment Rights: the Yellow Dog Contract of the 1990s.
Torjman, Sherri.
Survival-Of-The-Fittest Employment Policy.
Valenzuela, Abel Jr.
Day Labourers as Entrepreneurs?