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Andersson, F., H. Holzer, J. Lane.
Temporary Help Agencies and the Advancement Prospects of Low Earners.
Arrowsmith, James.
Temporary Agency Work in an Enlarged European Union.
Beyon, H., D. Grimshaw, J. Rubery, K. Ward.
Dilemmas in the Management of Temporary Work Agency Staff.
Claus Bo Mahler, Susan, Henrik Pedersen, Hansen Stener.
Temporary Agency Work in the European Union.
Druker, Jan, C. Stanworth.
Human Resource Solutions? Dimensions of Employers' Use of Temporary Agency Labour in the UK.
Erickcek, George A., Susan N. Houseman, Arne L. Kalleberg.
The Role of Temporary Agency Employment in Tight Labor Markets.
Forde, Chris, Gary Slater.
The Nature and Experience of Agency Working in Britain.
Gray, Anne.
Jobseekers and Gatekeepers: The Role of the Private Employment Agency in the Placement of the Unemployed.
Hall, Richard.
Temporary Agency Work and HRM in Australia: Temporary Agency Work and HRM in Australia.
Heery, Edmund.
The Trade Union Response to Agency Labour in Britain.
Houwing, Hester, Kea Tijdens, Marc van der Meer, Marieke van Essen, Maarten van Klaveren.
Temporary Agency Work in the Netherlands.
Kvasnicka, Michael.
Inside the Black Box of Temporary Help Employment.
Mitlacher, Lars S.
Temporary Agency Work, The Changing Employment Relationship and Its Impact on Human Resource Management.
Peck, Jamie, Nikolas Theodore.
Contingent Chicago: Restructuring and the Spaces of Temporary Labour.
Peck, J., N. Theodore.
The Temporary Staffing Industry: Growth Imperatives and Limits to Contingency.
Purcell, J., K. Purcell, S. Tailby.
Temporary Work Agencies: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Stanfors, M.
Education, Labor Force Participation and Changing Fertility Patterns: A Study of Women and Socioeconomic Change in Twentieth Century Sweden.
Storrie, Donald.
Temporary Agency Work in the European Union.
Tailby, S.
Agency and Bank Nursing in the UK National Health Service.
Trades Union Congress.
Agency Work in Britain Today.

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