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Ball, Rochelle E.
Divergent Development, Racialised Rights: Globalised Labour Markets and the Trade of Nurses - The Case of the Philippines.
Bauder, Harold.
Labor Movement: How Migration Regulates Labor Markets.
Behrman, Jack.
World Investment Report 1993: Transnational Corporations and Integrated International Production.
Beneria, Lourdes, Neema Kudva.
Rethinking Informalization: Poverty, Precarious Jobs and Social Protection.
Bohle, Philip, Claire Mayhew, Michael Quinlan.
The Global Expansion of Precarious Employment, Work Disorganization, And Consequences For Occupational Health: Placing the Debate in a Comparative Historical Context.
Elson, Diane.
From Survival Strategies to Transformation Strategies: Women's Needs and Structural Adjustment.
Franck, Anja K.
Key Feminist Concerns: Regarding Core Labour Standards, Decent Work and Corporate Social Responsibility.
International Labour Office.
Report of the Director-General: Reducing the Decent Work Deficit - A Global Challenge.
Kofman, Yelizavetta, Ching K. Lee.
The Politics of Precarity Views Beyond the United States.
Kolarova, Marta.
Gender and Globalisation: Labour Changes in the Global Economy.
Martens, Margaret Hosmer, Swasti Mitter.
Women in Trade Unions: Organizing the Unorganized.
McCarthy, Mary, Lucrezia Reichlin.
Do Women Cause Unemployment? Evidence From Eight OECD Countries.
Mitter, Swasti.
On Organizing Women in Casualized Work: A Global Overview.
Portes, Alejandro, Saskia Sassen-Koob.
Making it Underground: Comparative Material on the Informal Sector in Western Market Economies.
Ramirez de Arellano, Annette B.
Patients Without Borders: The Emergence of Medical Tourism.
Sadasivam, Bharati.
The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Women: A Governance and Human Rights Agenda.
Sanyal, Bishwapriya.
Organizing the Self-Employed: The Politics of the Urban Informal Sector.
Standing, Guy, Victor Tokman.
Towards Social Adjustment: Labour Market Issues in Structural Adjustment.
Stanford, Jim.
Openness and Equity: Regulating Labor Market Outcomes in a Globalized Economy.
Ward, Kathryn B.
Women Workers and Global Restructuring.

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