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Adams, Valerie, Julie A. Nelson.
The Economics of Nursing: Articulating Care.
Alexander, B., M. J. Findorff, S. G. Gerberich, P. M. McGovern, M. Wall.
Risk Factors For Work Related Violence in a Health Care Organization.
Armstrong, Pat.
Skills for Care.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong.
Precarious Employment in the Health-Care Sector.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong, Krista Scott-Dixon.
Critical to Care: The Invisible Women in Health Services.
Armstrong, Pat, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Clow.
A Place to Call Home: Long-Term Care in Canada.
Armstrong, Pat, Kate Laxer.
Precarious Work, Privatization and the Health-Care Industry: The Case of Ancillary Workers.
Bauder, Harold.
Labor Movement: How Migration Regulates Labor Markets.
Chang, Grace.
Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy.
Clarke, Brenda, Norma Daykin.
They'll Still Get the Bodily Care: Discourses of Care and Relationships Between Nurses and Health Care Assistants in the NHS.
Cohen, Marjorie Griffin.
Do Comparisons Between Hospital Support Workers and Hospitality Workers Make Sense?
Cohen, Marcy, Marjorie Griffin Cohen.
Privatization: A Strategy For Eliminating Pay Equity in Health Care.
Davies, Sharon, Margaret Denton, Jason Lian, Isik Urla Zeytinoglu.
Job Stress and Job Dissatisfaction of Homecare Workers in the Context of Health Care Restructuring.
Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council.
The Regulation of Personal Support Workers.
Kosny, Agnieszka, Ellen MacEachen.
Gendered, Invisible Work in Non-Profit Social Service Organizations: Implications For Worker Health and Safety.
Martin-Matthews, Anne.
Situating 'Home' at the Nexus of the Public and Private Spheres: Ageing, Gender and Home Support Work in Canada.
Shields, Margot, Kathryn Wilkins.
Findings From the 2005 National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses.
Wilkins, Kathryn.
Work Stress Among Health Care Providers.
Yeates, Nicola.
Globalisation, Migrant Workers and Welfare State Restructuring: A "Global Care Chain" Perspective.