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Beltzer, R. M., K. Boonstra, D. Christe, J. Riphagen, E. Verhulp.
Flexibele Arbeidsrelaties (flexible Employment Relations).
Beneria, Lourdes, Martha Roldan.
The Crossroads of Class and Gender: Industrial Homework, Subcontracting, And Household Dynamics in Mexico City.
Boris, Eileen.
Home to Work: Motherhood and the Politics of Industrial Homework in the United States.
Boris, Eileen, Cynthia R. Daniels.
Homework: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Paid Labor at Home.
Carni, O., Amira Galin.
Special Issue: Flexible Work Patterns and Their Impact on Industrial Relations.
Carre, Francoise.
Nonstandard Work: The Nature and Challenges of Changing Employment Arrangements.
Challier, Marie Christine.
Travail Atypique et Flexibilite: A la Recherche du Temps Choisi?
DuRivage, Virginia, David Jacobs.
Home-Based Work: Labor's Choices.
Edwards, Linda N., Elizabeth Field-Hendrey.
Home-Based Workers: Data From the 1990 Census of Population.
Felstead, A., N. Jewson, A. Phizacklea, S. Walters.
Working at Home: Statistical Evidence For Seven Key Hypotheses.
Giles, Wenona, Valerie Preston.
The Domestication of Women's Work: A Comparison of Chinese and Portuguese Immigrant Women Homeworkers.
Glucksmann, Miriam A.
Cottons and Casuals: The Gendered Organization of Labour in Time and Space.
Gringeri, Christina E.
Inscribing Gender in Rural Development: Industrial Homework in Two Midwestern Communities.
Kravaritou-Manitakis, Yota.
New Forms of Work: Labour Law and Social Security Aspects in the European Community.
Leach, Belinda.
Flexible Work, Precarious Future: Some Lessons From the Canadian Clothing Industry.
Leighton, Patricia E., Michel Syrett.
New Work Patterns: Putting Policy Into Practice.
Martens, Margaret Hosmer, Swasti Mitter.
Women in Trade Unions: Organizing the Unorganized.
Mayhew, Claire, Michael Quinlan.
Changing Work Relationships in Australia.
Meulders, Daniele, Olivier Plasman, Robert Plasman.
Atypical Employment in the EC.
Neal, Alan.
L'Evolution Des Formes D'Emploi.

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