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Amable, Marcelo, Joan Benach, Maria Menendez, Carles Muntaner, Patricia O'Campo.
Is Precarious Employment More Damaging to Women's Health Than Men's?
Arber, Sara, Jay Ginn.
How Does Part-Time Work Lead to Low Pension Income?
Arza, C., M. Kohli.
Pension Reform in Europe: Politics, Policies and Outcomes.
Briar, Celia.
Hidden Hazards in Women's Work.
Chan, Sewin, Ann Huff Stevens.
Job Loss and Employment Patterns of Older Workers.
Frericks, Patricia, Trudie Knijn, Robert Maier.
Pension Reforms, Working Patterns and Gender Pension Gaps in Europe.
Galarneau, Diane, Rene Morissette.
Immigrants: Settling For Less?
Gash, Victoria.
Sacrificing Their Careers For Their Families? An Analysis of the Penalty to Motherhood in Europe.
Gash, Victoria.
Preference or Constraint? Part-Time Workers' Transitions in Denmark, France and the United Kingdom.
Gornick, Janet C.
Women's Economic Outcomes, Gender Inequality and Public Policy: Findings From the Luxembourg Income Study.
Gregg, Paul.
The Impact of Youth Unemployment on Adult Unemployment in the NCDS.
Keister, Lisa A., Donald M. McGrath.
The Effect of Temporary Employment on Asset Accumulation Processes.
MacDonald, Martha.
The Crisis in Rural Labour Markets: Failures and Challenges For Regulation.
Macinnes, John, Tizana Nazio, Jacqueline O'Reilly, Jose M. Rochie.
The United Kingdom: From Flexible Employment to Vulnerable Workers.
Martin, Ron, Philip Morrison.
Geographies of Labour Market Inequality.
Maza, Adolfo, Jose Villaverde.
Regional Disparities in the EU: Mobility and Polarization.
O'Connor, J. S.
Precarious Employment and Income Security in the Employment Anchored Social Policy Framework of the European Union.
Palameta, Boris.
Low Income Among Immigrants and Visible Minorities.
Pearce, Diana.
On the Edge: Marginal Women Workers and Employment Policy.
Phimister, Euan, Esperanza Vera-Toscana, Alfons Weersink.
Earnings Mobility of Rural Versus Urban Workers in Canada.

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