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Beneria, Lourdes, Neema Kudva.
Rethinking Informalization: Poverty, Precarious Jobs and Social Protection.
Benton, Lauren A., Manuel Castells, Alejandro Portes.
The Informal Economy: Studies in Advanced and Less Developed Countries.
Benton, Lauren A., Manuel Castells, Alejandro Portes.
The Policy Implications of Informality.
Bohle, Philip, Claire Mayhew, Michael Quinlan.
The Global Expansion of Precarious Employment, Work Disorganization, And Consequences For Occupational Health: Placing the Debate in a Comparative Historical Context.
Challier, Marie Christine.
Travail Atypique et Flexibilite: A la Recherche du Temps Choisi?
Crooks, Valorie A., Allison Williams.
Introduction: Space, Place and the Geographies of Women's Caregiving Work.
De Guchteneire, Paul, Antoine Pecoud.
Migration Without Borders: An Investigation Into the Free Movement of People.
Edwards, P., T. Jones, M. Ram.
Staying Underground - Informal Work, Small Firms, And Employment Regulation in the United Kingdom.
Folbre, Nancy.
The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values.
Furlong, A., P. Kelly.
The Brazilianisation of Youth Transitions in Australia and the UK?
Itzigsohn, Jose.
Developing Poverty : The State, Labor Market Deregulation, and the Informal Economy in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.
Kapoor, Aditi.
The SEWA Way: Shaping Another Future For Informal Labour.
Martens, Margaret Hosmer, Swasti Mitter.
Women in Trade Unions: Organizing the Unorganized.
Mitter, Swasti.
Common Fate, Common Bond: Women in the Global Economy.
Pfau-Effinger, Birgit.
Formal and Informal Work in Europe. State of the Art. Hamburg.
Portes, Alejandro.
The Informal Sector: Definition, Controversy, And Relation to National Development.
Portes, Alejandro, Saskia Sassen-Koob.
Making it Underground: Comparative Material on the Informal Sector in Western Market Economies.
Robinson, Cyril D.
Exploring the Informal Economy.
Samers, Michael.
Here to Work: Undocumented Immigration in the United States and Europe.
Sassen, Saskia.
The Informal Economy.

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