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Atlin, Joan, Bob Jeffcott, Deena Ladd, Lynda Yanz.
Policy Options to Improve Standards For Women Garment Workers in Canada and Internationally.
Boyer, Robert, Daniel Drache.
The Future of Nations and the Limits of Markets.
Compa, Lance.
NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement and International Labor Solidarity.
Hall, Peter A., David W. Soskice.
An Introduction to Varieties of Capitalism.
Hall, Peter A., David W. Soskice.
Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage.
Hassanali, Soraya.
International Trade, Putting Gender Into the Process: Initiatives and Lessons Learned.
Hirst, Paul, Grahame Thompson.
The Problem of 'Globalization': International Economic Relations, National Economic Management and the Formation of Trading Blocs.
Hoskyns, Catherine, Shirin M. Rai.
Recasting the Global Political Economy: Counting Women's Unpaid Work.
Meiksins, Peter, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Michael Yates.
European Industrial Relations: Impasse or Model?
Peterson, Spike V.
How (the Meaning Of) Gender Matters in Political Economy.
Ruggie, John Gerard.
What Makes the World Hang Together? Neo-Utilitarianism and the Social Constructivist Challenge.
Servais, J. M.
The Social Clause in Trade Agreements: Wishful Thinking or an Instrument of Social Progress?
Whitworth, Sandra.
The International Labour Organisation.
van Liemt, Gijsbert.
Minimum Labour Standards and International Trade: Would a Social Clause Work?