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Amin, Ash.
Flexible Specialisation and Small Firms in Italy: Myths and Realities.
Aoyama, Yuko, Manuel Castells.
Paths Towards the Informational Society: Employment Structure in g7 Countries, 1920-90.
Appelbaum, Eileen, Thomas Bailey, Peter Berg, Arne L. Kalleberg.
Shared Work-Valued Care: New Norms For Organizing Market Work and Unpaid Care Work.
Appelbaum, Eileen, Rosemary Batt.
The New American Workplace: Transforming Work Systems in the United States.
Barbier, Jean-Claude, Isabelle Darmon, N. Dull, C. Frade, L. Frey, M. Laparra, R. Lindley, K. Vogler-Ludwig.
Managing Labour Market Related Risks in Europe: Policy Implications.
Bosch, G., Peter Dawkins, F. Michon.
Glucksmann, Miriam A., Dawn Lyon.
Comparative Configurations of Care Work Across Europe.
Houseman, Susan N., Machiko Osawa.
Nonstandard Work in Developed Economies: Causes and Consequences.
Jenson, Jane, Mariette Sineau.
Who Cares?: Women's Work, Childcare, And Welfare State Redesign.
Kahn, Lawrence M.
The Impact of Employment Protection Mandates on Demographic Temporary Employment Patterns: International Microeconomic Evidence.
Loveman, Gary, Michael J. Piore, Werner Sengenberger.
The Re-Emergence of Small Enterprises: Industrial Restructuring in Industrialised Countries.
Lyon, Dawn.
The Organization of Care Work in Italy: Gender and Migrant Labour in the New Economy.
Martens, Margaret Hosmer, Swasti Mitter.
Women in Trade Unions: Organizing the Unorganized.
Neal, Alan.
L'Evolution Des Formes D'Emploi.
Piotet, Francoise.
The Changing Face of Work: Researching and Debating the Issues.
Rubery, Jill.
Women and Recession.
Scherer, Stefani.
Stepping-Stones or Traps? The Consequences of Labour Market Entry Positions on Future Careers in West Germany, Great Britain and Italy.
Sciortino, G.
When Domestic Care is Not Native Labour: The Interaction of Immigration Policy and the Welfare Regime in Italy.
Scott, Allen J., Michael Storper.
Production, Work, Territory: The Geographical Anatomy of Industrial Capitalism.
Storper, Michael.
The Limits to Globalization: Technology Districts and International Trade.