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Adams, Roy, Gordon Betcherman, Beth Bilson.
Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: Tough Choices For Canadian Labor Law.
Agrawal, Nisha.
Sources of Inequality Between Male and Female Wages in Australia.
Ahn, Joyup.
Nonstandard Employment Arrangements in Korea: What Have we Learned?
Anker, Richard, H. Melkas.
Women, Gender and Work.
Anxo, Dominique, Inmaculada Cebrian, Colette Fagan, Gloria Moreno.
Patterns of Labour Market Integration in Europe: A Life Course Perspective on Time Policies.
Aoyama, Yuko, Manuel Castells.
Paths Towards the Informational Society: Employment Structure in g7 Countries, 1920-90.
Arber, Sara, Jay Ginn.
How Does Part-Time Work Lead to Low Pension Income?
Arza, C., M. Kohli.
Pension Reform in Europe: Politics, Policies and Outcomes.
Ashton, David N.
Sources of Variation in Labour Market Segmentation: A Comparison of Youth Labour Markets in Canada and Britain.
Bagguley, Paul, Sylvia Walby.
Sex Segregation in Local Labour Markets.
Banting, Keith G., Charles M. Beach.
Labour Market Polarization and Social Policy Reform.
Barbier, Jean-Claude, Isabelle Darmon, N. Dull, C. Frade, L. Frey, M. Laparra, R. Lindley, K. Vogler-Ludwig.
Managing Labour Market Related Risks in Europe: Policy Implications.
Bavner, P.
Half Full or Half Empty? Part-Time Work and Well-Being Among Swedish Women.
Beaumont, P. B.
Structural Change and Industrial Relations: The United Kingdom.
Beneria, Lourdes.
The Crisis of Care, International Migration, And Public Policy.
Beneria, Lourdes, Neema Kudva.
Rethinking Informalization: Poverty, Precarious Jobs and Social Protection.
Berger, Suzanne, Michael Piore.
Dualism and Discontinuity in Industrial Societies.
Berstein, S., K. Lippel, Eric Tucker, Leah F. Vosko.
Precarious Employment and the Law's Flaws: Identifying Regulatory Failure and Securing Effective Protection For Workers.
Boyd, Monica, Mary Ann Mulvihill, John Myles.
Gender, Power and Postindustrialism.
Brandt, Torsten.
Mini and Midi-Jobs in the Context of Activation Policies. Consequences For Workers' Rights, The Labor Market and the Relation of Welfare and Employment.

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