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Amable, Marcelo, Joan Benach, Maria Menendez, Carles Muntaner, Patricia O'Campo.
Is Precarious Employment More Damaging to Women's Health Than Men's?
Ambrosini, M., C. Barone.
Employment and Working Conditions of Migrant Workers.
Aronson, Jane, Sheila M. Neysmith.
Obscuring the Costs of Home Care: Restructuring at Work.
Bakker, Isabella.
Introduction: The Gendered Foundations of Restructuring in Canada.
Barbier, Jean-Claude, Isabelle Darmon, N. Dull, C. Frade, L. Frey, M. Laparra, R. Lindley, K. Vogler-Ludwig.
Managing Labour Market Related Risks in Europe: Policy Implications.
Bernhardt, A., J. DeFillippis, S. McGarth.
Unregulated Work in the Global City: Employment and Labor Law Violations in New York City.
Blossfeld, Hans-Peter, Sandra Buchholz, Karin Kurz, Paul Schmelzer.
Young People's Employment Chances in Flexible Labor Markets: A Comparison of Changes in Eleven Modern Societies.
Briar, Celia.
Hidden Hazards in Women's Work.
Briggs, C., John Buchanan, Iain Campbell, I. Watson.
Fragmented Futures: New Challenges in Working Life.
Bryson, Alex, Lorenzo Cappellari, Claudio Lucifora.
The Rise and Decline of Job Insecurity.
Burchell, Brendan, Alan Felstead, Francis Green.
Job Insecurity and the Difficulty of Regaining Employment: An Empirical Study of Unemployment Expectations.
Burgess, John, Alex de Ruyter.
Growing Labour Insecurity in Australia and the UK in the Midst of Job Growth: Beware the Anglo-Saxon Model.
Burri, Susanne D.
Precarious Work, Women and the New Economy.
Chan, Sewin, Ann Huff Stevens.
Job Loss and Employment Patterns of Older Workers.
Charles, N., Emma James.
'He Earns the Bread and Butter and I Earn the Cream'.
Charles, N., Emma James.
The Gender Dimensions of Job Insecurity in a Local Labour Market.
Cho, Joonmo, Jaeho Keum.
Job Instability in the Korean Labour Market: Estimating the Effects of the 1997 Financial Crisis.
Clark, Kenneth, Stephen Drinkwater.
Pushed Out or Pulled In? Self-Employment Among Ethnic Minorities in England and Wales.
Clark, Lisa, Leah F. Vosko.
Canada: Gendered Precariousness and Social Reproduction.
Clement, Wallace, Sophie Mathieu, Steven Prus, Emre Uckardesler.
Precarious Lives in the New Economy: Comparative Intersectional Analysis.

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