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Arango, Joaquin.
Theories of International Migration.
Bell, Martin, Gary Ward.
Patterns of Temporary Mobility in Australia: Evidence From the 1991 Census.
Blossfeld, Hans-Peter, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofacker.
Globalization, Uncertainty and Late Careers in Society.
Buchholz, Sandra, Dirk Hofacker.
Late Careers and Career Exits in Times of Accelerating Social Change: Globalization and Its Impact on Late-Midlife Workers.
Cebrian, Inmaculada, Victoria Gash, Gloria Moreno, Philip J. O'Connell, Luis Toharia.
Working-Time Changes: Social Integration Through Working-Time Transitions.
Chang, Grace.
Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy.
Connolly, Sara, Mary Gregory.
Moving Down: Women's Part-Time Work and Occupational Change in Britain 1991-2001.
Cranford, C., D. Grant, A. James.
Moving up But How Far?: African American Women and Economic Restructuring in Los Angeles, 1970-1990.
Dekker, Ronald.
Non-Standard Employment and Mobility in the Dutch, German and British Labour Market.
DiPrete, T. A.
Life Course Risks, Mobility Regimes, And Mobility Consequences: A Comparison of Sweden, Germany, And the United States.
Dobson, J. R., I. Sennikova.
From Fundamental Freedom to Political and Economic 'Hot Potato' in 50 Years: Labour Mobility and Migration Within the EU.
Dupaquier, Michel.
Limitation du Chomage, Flexibilite, Formation: Les Politiques Suedoises du Marche du Travail Des Jeunes.
Ederveen, S., R. Nahuis, A. Parikh.
Labour Mobility and Regional Disparities: The Role of Female Labour Participation.
Ewer, Peter, Meg Smith.
Choice and Coercion: Women's Experience of Casual Employment.
Finnie, Ross.
Inter-Provincial Migration: A Longitudinal Analysis of Movers and Stayers and the Associated Income Dynamics.
Gash, V., P. J. O'Connell.
The Effects of Working-Time, Segmentation and Labour Market Mobility on Wages and Pensions in Ireland.
Government of Canada.
Backgrounder: Agreement on Internal Trade.
Grady, Patrick, Kathleen Macmillan.
Interprovincial Barriers to Internal Trade in Goods, Services and Flows of Capital: Policy, Knowledge Gaps and Research Issues.
Houser, Ari, Donald Redfoot.
The International Migration of Nurses in Long-Term Care.
Kaiser, Lutz C.
Female Labor Market Transitions in Europe.

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