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Amadieu, Jean Francois.
Employment Flexibility, Unions and Companies in France.
Baines, Donna.
Caring For Nothing: Work Organization and Unwaged Labour in Social Services.
Banks, Kevin.
The Rights of Nonstandard Workers: A North American Guide.
Banks, Kevin.
Labor Relations Law in North America.
Barnes, Colin, Geof Mercer.
Disability, Work, And Welfare: Challenging the Social Exclusion of Disabled People.
Beaumont, P. B.
Structural Change and Industrial Relations: The United Kingdom.
Bernardi, Fabrizio, Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofacker, Heather Hofmeister, Melinda Mills.
Converging Divergences? An International Comparison of the Impact of Globalization on Industrial Relations and Employment Careers.
Betcherman, Gordon, Christina Caron, Norm Leckie, Kathryn McMullen.
The Canadian Workplace in Transition.
Beynon, Huw, Damian Grimshaw, Jill Rubery, Kevin Ward.
Working Time, Industrial Relations and the Employment Relationship.
Beynon, H., D. Grimshaw, J. Rubery, K. Ward.
Working Time, Industrial Relations and the Employment Relationship.
Blackett, Adelle, Colleen Sheppard.
Collective Bargaining and Equality: Making Connections.
Bosch, G., Peter Dawkins, F. Michon.
Botero, Juan, Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer.
The Regulation of Labor.
Bryson, Alex, Lorenzo Cappellari, Claudio Lucifora.
The Rise and Decline of Job Insecurity.
Buechtemann, Christoph F.
More Jobs Through Less Labour Protection?: Evidence From West Germany.
Burchell, Brendan, Jonathan Michie.
Systems of Production: Markets, Organization and Performance.
Burgess, John, Glenda Strachan.
The Incompatibility of Decentralized Bargaining and Equal Employment Opportunity in Australia.
Campbell, Iain.
Extended Working Hours in Australia.
Campbell, Duncan, Werner Sengenberger.
Is the Single Firm Vanishing?: Inter-Enterprise Networks, Labour and Labour Institutions.
Campolieti, Michelle, James Goldenberg, Douglas Hyatt.
Workplace Violence and the Duration of Workers' Compensation Claims.

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