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Abu-Laban, Yasmeen.
Regionalism, Migration, And Fortress (North) America.
Aiken, Linda, James Buchan, Barbara Nichols, Mary Powell, Julie Sochalski.
Trends in International Nurse Migration.
Bajkay, Renay, John R. Cutcliffe, Stu Forster, Rudy Small, Rodger Travale.
Nurse Migration in an Increasingly Interconnected World: The Case for Internationalization of Regulation of Nurses and Nursing Regulatory Bodies.
Beneria, Lourdes.
The Crisis of Care, International Migration, And Public Policy.
Bettio, Francesca, Annamaria Simonazzi, Paola Villa.
Change in Care Regimes and Female Migration: The 'Care Drain' in the Mediterranean.
Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn, Sirpa Wrede.
Caring Beyond Borders: Comparing the Relationship Between Work and Migration Patterns in Canada and Finland.
Castles, Stephen, M. Miller.
The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World.
Cresswell, Tim.
On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World.
De Guchteneire, Paul, Franck Duvell, Antoine Pecoud.
Migration Without Borders: Essays on the Free Movement of People.
De Guchteneire, Paul, Antoine Pecoud.
Migration Without Borders: An Investigation Into the Free Movement of People.
Donato, K. M., D. Gabaccia, J. Holdaway, M. Manalansan IV, P. R. Pessar.
A Glass Half Full? Gender in Migration Studies.
Finnie, Ross.
Inter-Provincial Migration: A Longitudinal Analysis of Movers and Stayers and the Associated Income Dynamics.
Gallotti, Maria.
The Gender Dimension of Domestic Work in Western Europe.
International Organization for Migration (IOM).
World Migration 2005: Costs and Benefits of International Migration.
Kolarova, Marta.
Gender and Globalisation: Labour Changes in the Global Economy.
Lichter, Daniel, Donna Morrison.
Family Migration and Female Employment: The Problem of Underemployment Among Migrant Married Women.
Lyon, Dawn.
The Organization of Care Work in Italy: Gender and Migrant Labour in the New Economy.
MacDonald, Martha, Peter Sinclair, Deatra Walsh.
Labour Migration and Mobility in Newfoundland: Social Transformation and Community in Three Rural Areas.
McLoughlin, Sheena, Rainer Munz.
Temporary and Circular Migration: Opportunities and Challenges.
Palameta, Boris.
Low Income Among Immigrants and Visible Minorities.

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