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Card, David E., Alan B. Krueger.
Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage.
D2, Unit, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities European Commission Directorate-General for Employment.
European Employment Observatory Review.
Grenier, Gilles.
On Compliance With the Minimum Wage Law.
Pearce, Diana.
On the Edge: Marginal Women Workers and Employment Policy.
Rubery, Jill.
Structured Labour Markets, Worker Organisation and Low Pay.
Smith, Ralph E., Bruce Vavrichek.
The Wage Mobility of Minimum Wage Workers.
Weil, David.
Public Enforcement/Private Monitoring: Evaluating a New Approach to Regulating the Minimum Wage.
Weinkopf, Claudia.
Call Centers in Germany.
Yaniv, Gideon.
Minimum Wage Noncompliance and the Employment Decision.
author unknown
Minimum Wage Fixing in Britain and the Prospects of a Statutory Minimum Wage.