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Albo, Greg, David Langille, Leo Panitch.
A Different Kind of State: Popular Power and Democratic Administration.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong.
Wasting Away: The Undermining of Canadian Health Care.
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong.
Women, Privatization and Health Care Reform: The Ontario Case.
Armstrong, Pat, Kate Laxer.
Precarious Work, Privatization and the Health-Care Industry: The Case of Ancillary Workers.
Baines, Donna.
Caring For Nothing: Work Organization and Unwaged Labour in Social Services.
Benoit, Cecilia, Susan F. Murray, Jane Sandall, Edwin R. van Teijlingen, Rachel Westfall, Sirpa Wrede.
Social Service Professional or Market Expert?
Cameron, Duncan.
Selling the House to Pay the Mortgage: What is Behind Privatization.
Cohen, Marjorie Griffin.
Do Comparisons Between Hospital Support Workers and Hospitality Workers Make Sense?
Fisher, Sharon, John Gould, Tim Haughton.
Slovakia's Neoliberal Turn.
Green-Pedersen, Christoffer.
New Public Management Reforms of the Danish and Swedish Welfare States: The Role of Different Social Democratic Responses.
Hansen, Morten B.
Marketization and Economic Performance.
Hunter, David J.
The Changing Roles of Health Care Personnel in Health and Health Care Management.
Lawler, J., S. Newman.
Managing Health Care Under New Public Management: A Sisyphean Challenge For Nursing.
Randall, Glen E., A. Paul Williams.
Exploring Limits to Market-Based Reform: Managed Competition and Rehabilitation Home Care Services in Ontario.
Simonet, Daniel.
The New Public Management Theory and European Health-Care Reforms.
di Matteo, Livio.
Policy Choice or Economic Fundamentals: What Drives the Public-Private Health Expenditure Balance in Canada?