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Adams, Roy, Gordon Betcherman, Beth Bilson.
Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: Tough Choices For Canadian Labor Law.
Agassi, Judith Buber, Stephen Heycock.
The Redesign of Working Time: Promise or Threat?
Ahn, Joyup.
Nonstandard Employment Arrangements in Korea: What Have we Learned?
Ajayi-Obe, O., S. C. Parker.
The Changing Nature of Work Among the Self-Employed in the 1990s: Evidence From Britain.
Akyeampong, Ernest.
Flexible Work Arrangements.
Allen, John, Nick Henry.
Ulrich Beck's Risk Society at Work: Labour and Employment in the Contract Service Industries.
Amadieu, Jean Francois.
Employment Flexibility, Unions and Companies in France.
Anderson, John, James Beaton, Kate Laxer.
The Union Dimension: Mitigating Precarious Employment?
Andrew, Caroline.
Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism.
Aronson, Jane, Sheila M. Neysmith.
Obscuring the Costs of Home Care: Restructuring at Work.
Arrowsmith, James, Ann E. McGoldrick.
A Flexible Future For Older Workers?
Bachtemann, C. F., H. Neumann.
More Employment Through Fewer Rights? Opportunities and Risks of Labor Market Flexibilisation.
Baines, Donna.
Women's Occupational Health in Social Services: Stress, Violence, And Workload.
Bakan, Abigail B., Daiva Stasiulis.
Foreign Domestic Worker Policy in Canada and the Social Boundaries of Modern Citizenship.
Banks, Kevin.
Labor Relations Law in North America.
Bardasi, E., M. Francesconi.
The Impact of Atypical Employment on Individual Wellbeing: Evidence From a Panel of British Workers.
Bassi, L., P. Cappelli, H. C. Katz, D. Knoke, P. Osterman, M. Useem.
Change at Work.
Bayar, Ali, Nikitas Deimezis, Yvan Guillaume, Daniele Meulder, Robert Tollet.
Labour Market Flexibility: An Approach Based on a Macrosectoral Model For Belgium.
Belous, Richard S.
Human Resource Flexibility and Equity: Difficult Questions For Business, Labor, And Government.
Beltzer, R. M., K. Boonstra, D. Christe, J. Riphagen, E. Verhulp.
Flexibele Arbeidsrelaties (flexible Employment Relations).

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