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Akins, Lindsay, Christopher Armstrong-Esther, Brad Hagen, Barry Hall, Em Pijl-Zieber, Michael Stingl.
Moral Distress: An Emerging Problem For Nurses in Long-Term Care?
Alksnis, Chris, Michael Steven Kerr, Linda O'Brien-Pallas, Judith Shamian, Donna Thomson.
Nurse Absenteeism, Stress and Workplace Injury: What Are the Contributing Factors and What Can/Should be Done About It?
Bajkay, Renay, John R. Cutcliffe, Stu Forster, Rudy Small, Rodger Travale.
Nurse Migration in an Increasingly Interconnected World: The Case for Internationalization of Regulation of Nurses and Nursing Regulatory Bodies.
Baumann, Andrea, Jennifer Blythe, Linda Boos, Sharon Davies, Margaret Denton, Isik U. Zeytinoglu.
Deteriorated External Work Environment, Heavy Workload and Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention.
Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn, Sirpa Wrede.
Caring Beyond Borders: Comparing the Relationship Between Work and Migration Patterns in Canada and Finland.
Campbell, Stephen, Helen Lester, Ruth McDonald.
Practice Nurses and the Effects of the New General Practitioner Contract in the English National Health Service: The Extension of a Professional Project?
Campbell, Marie, Janet Rankin.
Institutional Ethnography (IE), Nursing Work and Hospital Reform: IE's Cautionary Analysis.
Campolieti, Michelle, James Goldenberg, Douglas Hyatt.
Workplace Violence and the Duration of Workers' Compensation Claims.
Caruso, Claire, James Collins, Traci Galinsky, Thomas Waters.
NIOSH Research Efforts to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Healthcare Industry.
Clark, Darlene A., Paul F. Clark.
Challenges Facing Nurses' Associations and Unions: A Global Perspective.
Clarke, Brenda, Norma Daykin.
They'll Still Get the Bodily Care: Discourses of Care and Relationships Between Nurses and Health Care Assistants in the NHS.
Coulter, Ian, Daniel Salhani.
The Politics of Interprofessional Working and the Struggle For Professional Autonomy in Nursing.
D'Arcy, Carl, D. Forbes, J. Lawson, D. G. Morgan, N. J. Stewart.
Work Stress and Physical Assault of Nursing Aides in Rural Nursing Homes With and Without Dementia Special Care Units.
Das Gupta, Tania.
Anti-Black Racism in Nursing in Ontario.
Davies, Celia.
Competence Versus Care? Gender and Caring Work Revisited.
Godden, J., C. Helmstadter.
Conflict and Costs When Reforming Nursing: The Introduction of Nightingale Nursing in Australia and Canada.
Heitlinger, Alena.
The Paradoxical Impact of Health Care Restructuring in Canada on Nursing as a Profession.
Pan-Canadian Planning Committee on Unregulated Health Workers.
Maximizing Health Human Resources: Valuing Unregulated Health Workers: Highlights of the 2009 Pan-Canadian Symposium.
Saulnier, Christine M.
Analyzing Public Policy as if Ideas Mattered: Health Policy 'Problems,' Gender and Restructuring in New Brunswick.
Ward-Griffin, Catherine.
Nurses as Caregivers of Elderly Relatives: Negotiating Personal and Professional Boundaries.

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