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Amable, Marcelo, Joan Benach, Maria Menendez, Carles Muntaner, Patricia O'Campo.
Is Precarious Employment More Damaging to Women's Health Than Men's?
Baines, Donna.
Staying With People Who Slap us Around: Gender, Juggling Responsibilities and Violence in Paid (and Unpaid) Care Work.
Baines, Donna.
Criminalizing the Care Work Zone? The Gendered Dynamics of Using Legal and Administrative Strategies to Confront Workplace Violence.
Baines, Donna.
Women's Occupational Health in Social Services: Stress, Violence, And Workload.
Baumann, Andrea, Jennifer Blythe, Linda Boos, Sharon Davies, Margaret Denton, Isik U. Zeytinoglu.
Associations Between Work Intensification, Stress and Job Satisfaction: The Case of Nurses in Ontario.
Baumann, Andrea, Jennifer Blythe, Linda Boos, Sharon Davies, Margaret Denton, Isik U. Zeytinoglu.
Deteriorated External Work Environment, Heavy Workload and Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention.
Baumann, Andrea, Jennifer Blythe, Phyllis Giovannetti.
Nurses' Experiences of Restructuring in Three Ontario Hospitals.
Brady, Barbara, Jeanne Geiger-Brown, Jane Lipscomb, Alison Trinkoff.
Health Care System Changes and Reported Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Registered Nurses.
Breslin, Curtis, Peter Smith.
Age-Related Differences in Work Injuries: A Multivariate, Population-Based Study.
Briar, Celia.
Hidden Hazards in Women's Work.
Campolieti, Michelle, James Goldenberg, Douglas Hyatt.
Workplace Violence and the Duration of Workers' Compensation Claims.
Caruso, Claire, James Collins, Traci Galinsky, Thomas Waters.
NIOSH Research Efforts to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Healthcare Industry.
Chung, Sharon A., Colin M. Shapiro, Theresa K. Wolf.
Sleep and Health Consequences of Shift Work in Women.
Demers, Paul A., Christopher B. McLeod, Imelda S. Wong.
Shift Work Trends and Risk of Work Injury Among Canadian Workers.
Doerpinghaus, Helen, Daniel Feldman, William H. Turnley.
Managing Temporary Workers: A Permanent HRM Challenge.
Doyal, Lesley.
What Makes Women Sick: Gender and the Political Economy of Health.
Eijkemans, G., S. Wilburn.
Preventing Needlestick Injuries Among HealthCare Workers: A WHO-ICN Collaboration.
Gbebo, Bernard.
Health Care Workers: In the Line of Fire.
Hellgren, Johnny, Katharina Naswall, Magnus Sverke.
No Security: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Job Insecurity and Its Consequences.
Kosny, Agnieszka, Ellen MacEachen.
Gendered, Invisible Work in Non-Profit Social Service Organizations: Implications For Worker Health and Safety.

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