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Arrowsmith, James, Ann E. McGoldrick.
A Flexible Future For Older Workers?
Austen, Siobhan, Rachel Ong.
The Employment Transitions of Mid-Life Women: Health and Care Effects.
Bashevkin, Sylvia.
Women's Work is Never Done: Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment and Social Policy Reform.
Daniel, K., J. S. Heywood.
The Determinants of Hiring Older Workers: UK Evidence.
Goto, A., D. Hodgetts, D. Pullman.
Narrating the Negative Consequences of Elder Care and Familial Obligation in Atlantic Canada.
Perrons, Diane, Wendy Sigle-Rushton.
Employment Transitions Over the Life Cycle: A Literature Review.
Schneider de Villegas, Gisela.
Home Work: A Case For Social Protection.
Shaver, Sheila.
Universality or Selectivity in Income Support to Older People? A Comparative Assessment of the Issues.
Townson, Monica.
Reducing Poverty Among Older Women: The Potential of Retirement Income Policies.