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Autor, D.
Outsourcing at Will: The Contribution of the Unjust Dismissal Doctrine to the Growth of Employment Outsourcing.
Boheim, R., U. Muehlberger.
Dependent Forms of Self-Employment in the UK: Identifying Workers on the Border Between Employment and Self-Employment.
Burchell, Brendan, Jonathan Michie.
Systems of Production: Markets, Organization and Performance.
Harrison, Bennett, Maryellen Kelley.
Outsourcing and the Search For Flexibility.
O'Rourke, Dara.
Outsourcing Regulation: Analyzing Nongovernmental Systems of Labor Standards and Monitoring.
Osterman, Paul.
Flexibility and Commitment in the United States Labour Market.
Polivka, Anne E.
Into Contingent and Alternative Employment: By Choice?
Windebank, Jan.
Outsourcing Women's Domestic Labour: The Cheque Emploi-Service Universel in France.