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Baines, Donna.
Seven Kinds of Work - Only One Paid: Raced, Gendered and Restructured Work in Social Services.
Boreham, Paul, Richard Hall, Bill Harley, Gillian Whitehouse.
Labour Flexibility and Gender in the Service Sector: A Study of Employment Practices in Law and Accounting Firms.
Cezard, Michel, Jean Luc Heller.
Les Formes Traditionnelles D'emploi Salarie Declinent.
Curson, Chris.
Flexible Patterns of Work.
De Taillac, Lionel, Elisabeth Frichet-Thirion.
Les Horaires Atypiques: Leur Application.
Gunderson, Morley, Doug Hyatt, Eugene Swimmer.
Collective Bargaining, Hours of Work, And Overtime.
Kinley, John.
Current Administration of Legislated Standards on Hours of Work in Ontario.
Kinley, John.
Evolution of Legislated Standards on Hours of Work in Ontario.
St Laurent, Jacques.
Commission of Inquiry Into the Hours of Work in the Shipping Industry on the St. Lawrence Seaway, In the Eastern Ports of Canada and Newfoundland.