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Andrew, Caroline.
Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism.
Apple, Nixon.
The Rise and Fall of Full Employment Capitalism.
Arat-Koc, Sedef.
Whose Social Reproduction? Transnational Motherhood and Challenges to Feminist Political Economy.
Burrows, Roger, G. Nigel Gilbert, Anna Pollert.
Fordism and Flexibility: Divisions and Change.
Chan, Steve.
Japan and the United States as Development Models.
Coates, David.
Capitalist Models and the Politics of the Left.
Elson, Diane.
The Economic, The Political and the Domestic: Businesses, States and Households in the Organisation of Production.
Esping-Andersen, Gosta.
The Three Political Economies of the Welfare State.
Fraser, Nancy.
A Rejoinder to Iris Young.
Giles, Wenona, Valerie Preston.
The Domestication of Women's Work: A Comparison of Chinese and Portuguese Immigrant Women Homeworkers.
Hoskyns, Catherine, Shirin M. Rai.
Recasting the Global Political Economy: Counting Women's Unpaid Work.
Jenson, Jane.
'Different' But Not 'exceptional': Canada's Permeable Fordism.
Jessop, Bob.
Towards a Schumpeterian Workfare State?: Preliminary Remarks on Post-Fordist Political Economy.
Koo, Hagen.
The Political Economy of Income Distribution in South Korea: The Impact of the State's Industrialization Policies.
Palley, T.
The Structural Unemployment Trap.
Peattie, Lisa, Martin Rein.
Women's Claims: A Study in Political Economy.
Peck, Jamie, Nikolas Theodore.
Beyond 'Employability'.
Peng, Ito.
Social Care in Crisis: Gender, Demography, And Welfare State Restructuring in Japan.
Peterson, Spike V.
How (the Meaning Of) Gender Matters in Political Economy.
Pierson, Christopher.
Capitalism, Social Democracy and the Welfare State 111: New Social Movements and the Welfare State.

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