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Abu-Laban, Yasmeen.
Gendering the Nation-State.
Andrew, Caroline, Robert Johnson, Rianne Mahon.
Policy Analysis in an Era of "Globalization": Capturing Spatial Dimensions of Scalar Strategies.
Angus, Jan, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, David Coburn, Susan Rappolt.
Medicine, Nursing and the State.
Anxo, Dominique, Lennart Flood, Jill Rubery, Mark Smith.
The Future European Labor Supply: The Critical Role of the Family.
Arat-Koc, Sedef.
In the Privacy of Our Own Home: Foreign Domestic Workers as the Solution to the Crisis in the Domestic Sphere in Canada.
Armstrong, Pat, Kate Laxer.
Precarious Work, Privatization and the Health-Care Industry: The Case of Ancillary Workers.
Armstrong, Pat, L. Silas.
Taking Power: Making Change Nurses' Unions in Canada.
Backman, Olof, Ake Bergmark, Felipe Estrada, Johan Fritzell, Olle Lundberg, Joakim Palme, Ola Sjoberg, Marta Szebehely.
Welfare Trends in Sweden: Balancing the Books For the 1990s.
Baines, Donna.
Criminalizing the Care Work Zone? The Gendered Dynamics of Using Legal and Administrative Strategies to Confront Workplace Violence.
Bakan, Abigail B., Daiva Stasiulis.
Not One of the Family: Foreign Domestic Workers in Canada.
Bakker, Isabella.
Introduction: The Gendered Foundations of Restructuring in Canada.
Barnes, Colin, Geof Mercer.
Disability, Work, And Welfare: Challenging the Social Exclusion of Disabled People.
Bashevkin, Sylvia.
Women's Work is Never Done: Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment and Social Policy Reform.
Baumann, Andrea, Jennifer Blythe, Linda Boos, Sharon Davies, Margaret Denton, Isik U. Zeytinoglu.
Deteriorated External Work Environment, Heavy Workload and Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention.
Beneria, Lourdes.
The Crisis of Care, International Migration, And Public Policy.
Benton, Lauren A., Manuel Castells, Alejandro Portes.
The Informal Economy: Studies in Advanced and Less Developed Countries.
Berger, Suzanne, Michael Piore.
Dualism and Discontinuity in Industrial Societies.
Bezanson, Kate, Meg Luxton.
Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-Liberalism.
Blackett, Adelle.
Making Domestic Work Visible: The Case For Specific Regulation.
Bratton, William W.
International Regulatory Competition and Coordination: Perspectives on Economic Regulation in Europe and the United States.

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