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Antoni, Manfred, Elke J. Jahn.
Do Changes in Regulation Affect Employment Duration in Temporary Work Agencies?
Armstrong, Hugh, Pat Armstrong, Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, Stirling Lafrance, Marta Szebehely.
"Out of Control": Violence Against Personal Support Workers in Long-Term Care.
Berstein, S., K. Lippel, Eric Tucker, Leah F. Vosko.
Precarious Employment and the Law's Flaws: Identifying Regulatory Failure and Securing Effective Protection For Workers.
Betcherman, Gordon.
Employment Standards Laws: A National Survey.
Betcherman, Gordon.
Are Unskilled Workers Treated Differently For Notice Purposes?
Davoine, Lucie, Christine Erhel, Mathilde Guergoat-Lariviere.
Monitoring Quality in Work: European Employment Strategy Indicators and Beyond.
Esping-Andersen, Gosta.
A New Gender Contract.
Gladstone, Alan.
Labour Flexibility and the Attitudes of the Parties.
Lippel, Katherine.
Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Quebec.
Peck, J., A. Tickell.
The Social Regulation of Uneven Development: 'Regulatory Deficit', England's South East, And the Collapse of Thatcherism.
Peck, Jamie A., Adam Tickell.
Accumulation, Regulation and the Geographies of Post-Fordism: Missing Links in Regulationist Research.
Servais, Jean-Michel.
The Informal Sector: Any Future For Labour Law?
Shields, Margot, Kathryn Wilkins.
Findings From the 2005 National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses.
Swyngedouw, Erik.
Neither Global Nor Local: 'Glocalization' and the Politics of Scale.
author unknown
Minimum Wage Fixing in Britain and the Prospects of a Statutory Minimum Wage.