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Cranford, Cynthia J.
From Precarious Workers to Unionized Employees and Back Again? The Challenges of Organizing Personal Care Workers in Ontario.
Cranford, Cynthia J., Judy Fudge, Eric Tucker, Leah F. Vosko.
Self Employed Workers Organize: Law, Policy, And Unions.
Polivka, Anne E.
A Profile of Contingent Workers.
Prugl, Elisabeth, Irene Tinker.
Microentrepreneurs and Homeworkers: Convergent Categories.
Williams, Donald R.
Youth Self Employment: Its Nature and Consequences.
author unknown
Self-employment by all occupations comparing HSC industry with all industries, Canada, United States, Australia and EU countries, 1983-2011 (HSC FE-8).
author unknown
Self-employment by basic HSC occupation, Canada, United States, Australia and EU countries, 1983-2011 (HSC FE-7).
author unknown
Self-Employment by Industry and Occupation, Australia, Canada, United States, and EU Countries, 1983-2011 (FORMS FE-8).