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Akyeampong, Ernest.
The Changing Face of Temporary Help.
Amable, Marcelo, Joan Benach, Maria Menendez, Carles Muntaner, Patricia O'Campo.
Is Precarious Employment More Damaging to Women's Health Than Men's?
Amadieu, Jean Francois.
Employment Flexibility, Unions and Companies in France.
Andersson, F., H. Holzer, J. Lane.
Temporary Help Agencies and the Advancement Prospects of Low Earners.
Antoni, Manfred, Elke J. Jahn.
Do Changes in Regulation Affect Employment Duration in Temporary Work Agencies?
Appelbaum, Eileen, Lonnie Golen.
What is Driving the 1982 - 1988 Boom in Temporary Employment?
Araki, Takashi.
Labor and Employment Law in Japan.
Armstrong, Pat, Kate Laxer.
Precarious Work, Privatization and the Health-Care Industry: The Case of Ancillary Workers.
Autor, D.
Outsourcing at Will: The Contribution of the Unjust Dismissal Doctrine to the Growth of Employment Outsourcing.
Autor, D., S. Houseman.
Do Temporary Help Jobs Improve Labor Market Outcomes For Low-Skilled Workers? Evidence From Random Assignments.
Axelrod, Jonathan G.
Who's the Boss?: Employee Leasing and the Joint Employer Relationship.
Bamford, Claire, Angela Dale.
Temporary Workers: Cause For Concern or Complacency?
Baranowska, A., M. Gebel.
The Determinants of Youth Temporary Employment in the Enlarged Europe.
Bardasi, E., M. Francesconi.
The Impact of Atypical Employment on Individual Wellbeing: Evidence From a Panel of British Workers.
Barker, Kathleen, Kathleen Christensen.
Contingent Work: American Employment Relations in Transition.
Bartkowiak, Julia J.
Trends Towards Part-Time Employment: Ethical Issues.
Bell, Martin, Gary Ward.
Comparing Temporary Mobility With Permanent Migration.
Bell, Martin, Gary Ward.
Patterns of Temporary Mobility in Australia: Evidence From the 1991 Census.
Beltzer, R. M., K. Boonstra, D. Christe, J. Riphagen, E. Verhulp.
Flexibele Arbeidsrelaties (flexible Employment Relations).
Beyon, H., D. Grimshaw, J. Rubery, K. Ward.
Dilemmas in the Management of Temporary Work Agency Staff.

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