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Akyeampong, Ernest.
The Changing Face of Temporary Help.
Antoni, Manfred, Elke J. Jahn.
Do Changes in Regulation Affect Employment Duration in Temporary Work Agencies?
Arrowsmith, James.
Temporary Agency Work in an Enlarged European Union.
Autor, D., S. Houseman.
Do Temporary Help Jobs Improve Labor Market Outcomes For Low-Skilled Workers? Evidence From Random Assignments.
Axelrod, Jonathan G.
Who's the Boss?: Employee Leasing and the Joint Employer Relationship.
Beyon, H., D. Grimshaw, J. Rubery, K. Ward.
Dilemmas in the Management of Temporary Work Agency Staff.
Bronstein, A. S.
Temporary Work in Western Europe: Threat or Complement to Permanent Employment?
Buchanan, John, Iain Campbell, I. Watson.
Temporary Agency Work in Australia (Part 1).
Carre, Francoise.
Temporary Employment in the Eighties.
Claus Bo Mahler, Susan, Henrik Pedersen, Hansen Stener.
Temporary Agency Work in the European Union.
Coe, Neil, J. Johns, K. Ward.
Agents of Casualization? The Temporary Staffing Industry and Labour Market Restructuring in Australia.
Coe, Neil, Jennifer Johns, Kevin Ward.
Post-Socialist Varieties of Temporary Staffing: Evidence From the Czech Republic and Poland.
Cohen, Yinon, Yitchak Haberfeld.
Temporary Help Service Workers: Employment Characteristics and Wage Determination.
Conroy, Pauline, Maria Pierce.
Temporary Agency Work - Ireland.
Council of Europe.
Temporary Employment Businesses: General Problems, Specific Problems Relating to Legal or Illegal Hiring Out of Workers Across Borders.
Druker, Jan, C. Stanworth.
Human Resource Solutions? Dimensions of Employers' Use of Temporary Agency Labour in the UK.
Erickcek, George A., Susan N. Houseman, Arne L. Kalleberg.
The Role of Temporary Agency Employment in Tight Labor Markets.
Erickcek, George A., Susan N. Houseman, Arne L. Kalleberg.
The Benefits Implications of Recent Trends in Flexible Staffing Arrangements.
Forde, C., G. Slater.
Agency Working in Britain: Character, Consequences and Regulation.
Gottfried, Heidi.
In the Margins: Flexibility as a Mode of Regulation in the Temporary Help Service Industry.

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