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Armstrong, Pat, L. Silas.
Taking Power: Making Change Nurses' Unions in Canada.
Cameron, Barbara.
From Equal Opportunity to Symbolic Equity: Three Decades of Federal Training Policy For Women.
Canadian Institute for Health Information.
Canada's Health Care Providers, 2007.
DeGraaf, Paul, John Hendrickx, Tomas Korpi, Richard Layte.
Vocational Training and Career Employment Precariousness in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Sweden.
Gangl, Markus.
Changing Labour Markets and Early Career Outcomes: Labour Market Entry in Europe Over the Past Decade.
Godden, J., C. Helmstadter.
Conflict and Costs When Reforming Nursing: The Introduction of Nightingale Nursing in Australia and Canada.
Gregg, Paul.
The Impact of Youth Unemployment on Adult Unemployment in the NCDS.
Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council.
The Regulation of Personal Support Workers.
Hunter, David J.
The Changing Roles of Health Care Personnel in Health and Health Care Management.
Mastracci, Sharon H.
Persistent Problems Demand Consistent Solutions: Evaluating Policies to Mitigate Occupational Segregation by Gender.
Pan-Canadian Planning Committee on Unregulated Health Workers.
Valuing Health-Care Team Members: Working With Unregulated Health Workers - A Discussion Paper.
Peck, J., T. Rutherford.
Tools For the Job? Decentralization, Partnership and Market Forces in British and Canadian Labour Market Policy.
Ryan, Paul.
The School-To-Work Transition: A Cross-National Perspective.
Shields, John.
Flexible Work, Labour Market Polarization and the Politics of Skills Training and Enhancement.
Standing, Guy.
The Road to Workfare: Alternative to Welfare or Threat to Occupation?
Taylor, P., P. Urwin.
Age and Participation in Vocational Education and Training.
Wallette, M.
Temporary Jobs in Sweden: Incidence, Exit and on the Job Training.
Wolbers, Maarten.
Patterns of Labour Market Entry: A Comparative Perspective on School-To-Work Transitions in 11 European Countries.