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Arat-Koc, Sedef.
In the Privacy of Our Own Home: Foreign Domestic Workers as the Solution to the Crisis in the Domestic Sphere in Canada.
Arat-Koc, Sedef, Meg Luxton, Harriet Gail Rosenberg.
Through the Kitchen Window: The Politics of Home and Family.
Armstrong, Pat.
Unpaid Healthcare Work: An Indicator of Equity.
Baines, Donna.
Seven Kinds of Work - Only One Paid: Raced, Gendered and Restructured Work in Social Services.
Baines, Donna.
Staying With People Who Slap us Around: Gender, Juggling Responsibilities and Violence in Paid (and Unpaid) Care Work.
Baines, Donna.
Caring For Nothing: Work Organization and Unwaged Labour in Social Services.
Baxter, Janeen, Mark Western.
The Links Between Paid and Unpaid Work: Australia and Sweden in the 1980s and 1990s.
Bracke, Piet, Wendy Christiaens, Naomi Wauterickx.
The Pivotal Role of Women in Informal Care.
Briar, Celia.
Hidden Hazards in Women's Work.
Brown, Judith Belle, Ian Dashnay, Susan McNair, Anthony Vandervoort, Catherine Ward-Griffin.
Double-Duty Caregiving: Women in the Health Professions.
Caputo, R. K., M. Cianni.
Correlates of Voluntary Vs. Involuntary Part-Time Employment Among US Women.
Cohen, Marcy, Marjorie Griffin Cohen.
Privatization: A Strategy For Eliminating Pay Equity in Health Care.
Crooks, Valorie A., Allison Williams.
Introduction: Space, Place and the Geographies of Women's Caregiving Work.
Davies, Celia.
Competence Versus Care? Gender and Caring Work Revisited.
Folbre, Nancy, Jayoung Yoon.
Economic Development and Time Devoted to Direct Unpaid Care Activities: An Analysis of the Harmonized European Time Use Survey (HETUS).
Glazer, Nona Y.
The Home as Workshop: Women as Amateur Nurses and Medical Care Providers.
Glucksmann, Miriam A., Dawn Lyon.
Comparative Configurations of Care Work Across Europe.
Goodwin, Joanne L.
'Employable Mothers' and 'Suitable Work': A Re-Evaluation of Welfare and Wage-Earning For Women in the Twentieth-Century United States.
Hofacker, Dirk, Jan R. Riebling, Rumiana Stoilova.
The Gendered Division of Paid and Unpaid Work in Different Institutional Regimes: Comparing West Germany, East Germany and Bulgaria.
Hoskyns, Catherine, Shirin M. Rai.
Recasting the Global Political Economy: Counting Women's Unpaid Work.

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