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Acker, Joan.
Class, Gender, And the Relations of Distribution.
Barkin, Solomon.
The Flexibility Debate in Western Europe: Managements' Rights Over Personnel and Wages.
Brown, Charles, James Hamilton, James L. Medoff.
Employers Large and Small.
Card, David E., Alan B. Krueger.
Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage.
Carre, Francoise.
Women Workers in Temporary and Contingent Employment: Problems, Policies and Possible Models For Representation.
Cohen, Yinon, Yitchak Haberfeld.
Temporary Help Service Workers: Employment Characteristics and Wage Determination.
Cosgrove, James, Mark Montgomery.
Are Part-Time Women Paid Less?: A Model With Firm-Specific Effects.
Cosgrove, James, Mark Montgomery.
The Effect of Employee Benefits on the Demand For Part-Time Workers.
Grude, Jan, Lars Osberg, Fred Wien.
Vanishing Jobs: Canada's Changing Workplaces.
Hardoy, Ines, Pal Schone.
Mindre Betaling For Ferre Timer? En Analyse av Sammenheng Mellom Uonsket Deltid og Timelon.
Leighton, Patricia E., Michel Syrett.
New Work Patterns: Putting Policy Into Practice.
Lindbeck, Assar, Dennis J. Snower.
The Insider-Outsider Theory of Employment and Unemployment.
Murphy, Kevin M., Finis Welch.
Occupational Change and the Demand For Skill, 1940-1990.
Stanford, Jim.
Going South: Cheap Labour as an Unfair Subsidy in North American Free Trade.
Strong-Boag, Veronica.
Wages For Housework: Mother's Allowances and the Beginnings of Social Security in Canada.
Supiot, Alain.
Wage Employment and Self-Employment.
Weinkopf, Claudia.
Call Centers in Germany.
Whitehouse, Gillian.
Pay Equity: 20 Years of Change and Continuity.
Whitehouse, Gillian.
Recent Trends in Pay Equity: Beyond the Aggregate Statistics.
author unknown
The Dynamics of Wage Relations in the New Europe.

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