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Biggs, D., Brendan Burchell, M. Millmore.
The Changing World of the Temporary Worker: The Potential HR Impact of Legislation.
Burchell, Brendan, S. Deakin, S. Honey.
The Employment Status of Individuals in Non-Standard Employment.
Burchell, Brendan, Alan Felstead, Francis Green.
Job Insecurity and the Difficulty of Regaining Employment: An Empirical Study of Unemployment Expectations.
Burchell, Brendan, Sara Horrell, Jill Rubery.
Gender and Skills.
Burchell, Brendan, Jonathan Michie.
Systems of Production: Markets, Organization and Performance.
Burchell, Brendan, Jill Rubery.
An Empirical Investigation Into the Segmentation of the Labour Supply.