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Anxo, Dominique, Inmaculada Cebrian, Colette Fagan, Gloria Moreno.
Patterns of Labour Market Integration in Europe: A Life Course Perspective on Time Policies.
Arber, Sara, Jay Ginn.
How Does Part-Time Work Lead to Low Pension Income?
Baxter, Janeen.
Will the Employment Conditions of Part-Timers in Australia and New Zealand Worsen?
Boulin, Jean-Yves.
Local Time Policies in Europe.
Daune-Richard, Anne-Marie.
How Does the 'Societal Effect' Shape the Use of Part-Time Work in France, The UK and Sweden?
Daune-Richard, Anne-Marie.
How Does the Societal Effect Shape the Use of Part-Time Work in France, The UK and Sweden?
Delsen, Lei.
When do Men Work Part-Time?
Doudeijns, Marco.
Are Benefits a Disincentive to Work Part-Time?
Fagan, Colette.
The Temporal Reorganization of Employment and the Household Rhythm of Work Schedules: the Implications For Gender and Class Relations.
Fagan, Colette, Linda McDowell, Diane Perrons, Kath Ray, Kevin Ward.
Introduction: Work, Life and Times in the New Economy.
Fagan, Colette, Jacqueline O'Reilly.
Part-Time Prospects: International Comparisons of Part-Time Work in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim.
Fagan, Colette, Jill Rubery.
The Salience of the Part-Time Divide in the European Union.
Fagan, Colette, Jill Rubery.
Does Feminization Mean a Flexible Labour Force?
Fagan, Colette, J. Rubery.
Occupational Segregation of Women and Men in the European Community.
Fagan, Colette, Jill Rubery.
Gender Segregation in Societal Context.
Fagan, Colette, Jill Rubery, Mark Smith.
National Working-Time Regimes and Equal Opportunities.
Pfau-Effinger, Birgit.
Culture or Structure as Explanations For Differences in Part-Time Work in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands?
Rubery, J.
Part-Time Work: A Threat to Labour Standards?