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Buchanan, John, Iain Campbell, I. Watson.
Temporary Agency Work in Australia (Part 1).
Burgess, John, Iain Campbell.
The Nature and Dimensions of Precarious Employment in Australia.(Precarious Employment).
Burgess, John, Iain Campbell.
Casual Employment in Australia and Temporary Work in Europe: Developing a Cross-National Comparison.
Burgess, John, J. Connell.
Temporary Work and Human Resources Management: Issues, Challenges and Responses.
Burgess, John, Glenda Strachan.
The Incompatibility of Decentralized Bargaining and Equal Employment Opportunity in Australia.
Burgess, John, Alex de Ruyter.
Growing Labour Insecurity in Australia and the UK in the Midst of Job Growth: Beware the Anglo-Saxon Model.