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definitions of thesaurus terminology

definitions of terms used in thesaurus entries

  • SCOPE NOTE: explains HOW the term has been used to index items in the library database; defines the term
  • USE: denotes a preferred term or phrase
  • USED FOR: indicates terms or phrases that are NOT used to index items in the library database; these terms or phrases are considered synonymous with the indicated preferred term (only use "preferred terms" when searching the library database)
  • BROADER TERM: broader or more general terms or phrases
  • NARROWER TERM: narrower or more specific terms or phrases; a subset of the indicated broader term
  • RELATED TERM: a term or phrase that is conceptually or associatively linked with the indicated preferred term

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FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT (Search for related entries in the library)

Scope Note: An employment status based on the number of hours an individual works per week. The full-time employment status varies cross-nationally (e.g. in France, full-time is defined as working 35+ hours, whereas, in Canada, it is 30+ hours).