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definitions of thesaurus terminology

definitions of terms used in thesaurus entries

  • SCOPE NOTE: explains HOW the term has been used to index items in the library database; defines the term
  • USE: denotes a preferred term or phrase
  • USED FOR: indicates terms or phrases that are NOT used to index items in the library database; these terms or phrases are considered synonymous with the indicated preferred term (only use "preferred terms" when searching the library database)
  • BROADER TERM: broader or more general terms or phrases
  • NARROWER TERM: narrower or more specific terms or phrases; a subset of the indicated broader term
  • RELATED TERM: a term or phrase that is conceptually or associatively linked with the indicated preferred term

Thesaurus search results for 'HEALTH INSURANCE': 3 results found.


Scope Note: Insurance to cover health care expenses including surgery, hospital stays and doctor visits. Some countries have public insurance systems for health care expenses. Private insurance often supplements public care.

HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS (Search for related entries in the library)

Scope Note: Used in statistical tables to refer to employer sponsored or privately funded health and medical benefits coverage and insurance plans.