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Arat-Koc, Sedef, Meg Luxton, Harriet Gail Rosenberg.
Through the Kitchen Window: The Politics of Home and Family.
Bracke, Piet, Wendy Christiaens, Naomi Wauterickx.
The Pivotal Role of Women in Informal Care.
Everingham, Christine.
Engendering Time: Gender Equity and Discourses of Workplace Flexibility.
Glazer, Nona Y.
The Home as Workshop: Women as Amateur Nurses and Medical Care Providers.
Glucksmann, Miriam A.
'What a Difference a Day Makes': A Theoretical and Historical Exploration of Temporality and Gender.
Lutz, Helma.
Migration and Domestic Work: A European Perspective on a Global Theme: Studies in Migration and Diaspora.
Marston, Sallie A.
The Social Construction of Scale.
Marston, Sallie A., Neil Smith.
States, Scales and Households: Limits to Scale Thinking? A Response to Brenner.
Martin-Matthews, Anne.
Situating 'Home' at the Nexus of the Public and Private Spheres: Ageing, Gender and Home Support Work in Canada.
Martin-Matthews, Anne, Judith E. Phillips.
Blurring the Boundaries Between Public and Private Care: Home Care Workers and the Negotiation of Client and Family Relationships.
McGlynn, Clare.
Families and the European Union: Law, Politics and Pluralism.
Moen, Phyllis.
It's About Time: Couples and Careers.
Perrons, Diane.
Gender Divisions and Working Time in the New Economy: Changing Patterns of Work, Care and Public Policy in Europe and North America.
Townson, Monica.
Reducing Poverty Among Older Women: The Potential of Retirement Income Policies.
author unknown
Detailed Forms by Moved Households, Presence of Children Under 18, HHLD Income, and Industry, Australia, 2002-2011 (FORMS MB-6).
author unknown
Detailed Forms by Moved Households, Presence of Children Under 18, HHLD Income, Iand Industry, Australia, 2002-2011 (TSD MB-13).
author unknown
Permanent and temporary employment with household type by detailed HSC occupation, Canada and EU countries, 1996-2011 (HSC HC-2).