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Acker, Joan.
Class Questions: Feminist Answers.
Andrew, Caroline, Robert Johnson, Rianne Mahon.
Policy Analysis in an Era of "Globalization": Capturing Spatial Dimensions of Scalar Strategies.
Baines, Donna.
Neoliberal Restructuring, Activism/Participation, And Social Unionism in the Nonprofit Social Services.
Baines, Donna.
Criminalizing the Care Work Zone? The Gendered Dynamics of Using Legal and Administrative Strategies to Confront Workplace Violence.
Beach, Dennis.
Neoliberal Restructuring in Education and Health Professions in Europe.
Benoit, Cecilia, Susan F. Murray, Jane Sandall, Edwin R. van Teijlingen, Rachel Westfall, Sirpa Wrede.
Social Service Professional or Market Expert?
Bernardi, Fabrizio, Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofacker, Heather Hofmeister, Melinda Mills.
Converging Divergences? An International Comparison of the Impact of Globalization on Industrial Relations and Employment Careers.
Bezanson, Kate, Meg Luxton.
Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-Liberalism.
Bourdieu, P.
Contre-Feux: : Propos Pour Servir A la Resistance Contre L'Invasion Neo-Liberale.
Cameron, Duncan.
Selling the House to Pay the Mortgage: What is Behind Privatization.
Campbell, Marie, Janet Rankin.
Institutional Ethnography (IE), Nursing Work and Hospital Reform: IE's Cautionary Analysis.
Crooks, Valorie A., Allison Williams.
Introduction: Space, Place and the Geographies of Women's Caregiving Work.
Deakin, Simon, Frank Wilkinson.
Labour Law, Social Security and Economic Inequality.
Fisher, Sharon, John Gould, Tim Haughton.
Slovakia's Neoliberal Turn.
Gindon, Sam, Leo Panitch.
American Imperialism and EuroCapitalism: The Making of Neoliberal Globalization.
Gottfried, Heidi.
Pathways to Economic Security: Gender and Nonstandard Employment in Contemporary Japan.
Graefe, Peter.
The Social Economy and the American Model Relating New Social Policy Directions to the Old.
Harvey, David.
The New Imperialism.
Jessop, Bob.
Towards a Schumpeterian Workfare State?: Preliminary Remarks on Post-Fordist Political Economy.
Kitson, M., R. Martin, F. Wilkinson.
Labour Markets, Social Justice and Economic Efficiency.

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